Custom Web Design

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The Kaixo Info team understands that a great website is about more than simply looks (though that helps), and that bespoke website design must address variables like as usability, user interface and journey, goals and objectives, target markets, and localization.

A web design firm based in the United Arab Emirates.

We take pride in creating designs that are extremely engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and conversion-oriented.

Process of Creating a Custom Website

Planning is the key to a good custom website design. Before we begin any project, we listen to your objectives and obtain a thorough understanding of your company so that we can visualize it during the design process.

We create a PSD, Wireframes, which outlines all of the main sections and pages within your website once we have enough information. It also aids in the visualization of the website’s flow and call-to-action triggers.

We then look to create detailed wireframes that show the structure of all core pages within the UI/UX diagrams. The wireframes act as a guide for our web design team, who use them to make sure all elements are transferred over into the designs. Wireframes are a great way to ensure that key information is communicated and the page is not overloaded with too much information. At this stage our development team view and analyses the wireframes to ensure there is going to be no potential issues when it comes to the development stage of the project.

Once the wireframes are approved we create custom designs for the entire website using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD.

Why Kaixo Custom Web Design?

We’re a multi-award-winning London web design firm that specializes in interactive, customised, SEO-friendly site design and development.

We’re a London-based team with over a decade of experience delivering bespoke web design solutions. From the beginning to the completion of your web design project, we use a bespoke 6-phase approach to ensure that your site is delivered exactly to your specifications, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge digital presence.