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Before you begin any eCommerce web design project, you and your web design agency must first plan and agree on all important parts of the user experience (UX). This describes how visitors to your online store search and locate the products they want, interact with them, add them to their shopping cart, and finally buy them.

Making preparations for a successful eCommerce web design and development project

Creating a seamless user journey can help you increase conversions and provide an easy and gratifying eCommerce experience for your visitors. If you get this wrong, you’ll irritate customers and drive them away to your competitors. The eCommerce web design and development team at Kaixo Infotech Web Agency UAE has a lot of experience. Here’s a rundown of how we handle eCommerce web design and development, as well as some key points to consider.

A mobile-first approach to web design and development for eCommerce

It’s no longer enough to have an eCommerce web design that works on smartphones and tablets; it’s now the standard. You must ensure that your eCommerce store takes the mobile customer into account at all times. You must make the mobile experience native and intuitive, from product search to checkout.

In 2017, revenue from eCommerce mobile device purchases totaled $700 billion, representing a 300 percent increase over the previous four years.

Web design and development for eCommerce in the UAE

At the best of times, filling out forms on a phone can be a difficult experience. Allowing consumers to sign up using their Google or Facebook accounts can help to overcome this obstacle. Using digital wallets for one-click purchases eliminates the need to look for a credit card and then enter all of your information. Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal One-Touch, and Visa Checkout are just a few of the options that make it easy for customers to check out and pay on your eCommerce site.

Year after year, eCommerce cart abandonment rates have risen, reaching 69 percent in 2018. To avoid contributing to this alarming number, make sure your eCommerce checkout experience is as straightforward as possible, especially for mobile customers.

It’s critical to ensure that your eCommerce website is correctly optimized and loads swiftly on all devices, including mobile, in order to lower your bounce rate. According to Google, the risk of a mobile site user bouncing increases by 123 percent as page load time grows from 1 second to 10 seconds. The infographic below illustrates this.

Individualized eCommerce experience for each user

To create more sales, eCommerce websites have always used generic upselling and related products. While effective, the method assumed that all visitors to your eCommerce store had identical purchasing interests. Kaixo infotech modernizes eCommerce development by displaying customized product recommendations based on the unique reactions of each customer at various data points. Typically, these data points comprise:

  • Search Queries: Recommend products based on what a customer has previously been searching for
  • Purchase History: Recommend products based on a customer’s past purchases
  • Customer Segments: Use purchase histories of customers with similar demographics to recommend related products
  • Shopping Cart: Recommend products based on the current contents of a customer’s cart or Wishlist
  • Social Behavior: Recommend products based on product rating, shares and likes
  • Geographic Location (also known as localization): Suggest relevant products based on local and regional considerations