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WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world, powering more than 60 million websites (31%). WordPress began as a blogging platform, but it has now expanded into a full-featured content management system.

WordPress Web Design & Development in the UAE

We are a UAE web design business with extensive experience in the design and development of WordPress websites at Kaixo Infotech. We can generate beautiful bespoke designs and employ prebuilt plugins to provide our clients with a cost-effective and incredibly user-friendly web platform.

Our in-house WordPress development team creates clean code, resulting in websites that load quickly and are fully search engine optimized.

What Makes You Want to Use WordPress?

WordPress is frequently misunderstood as solely a blogging platform. It is significantly more powerful than that, even though it has excellent blogging skills.

Thousands of plugins are available for WordPress, allowing for substantial customisation and improved functionality. WordPress stands out from other content management systems because of its high level of customization.

The following are some of the benefits of utilizing WordPress:

  • It’s open source, which means anyone can use and modify it. There are no upfront expenses to license and use WordPress on your website. It is simple to use and requires no prior knowledge of web design or development.
  • Your WordPress website will render appropriately across all platforms, including current smartphones and tablets, if you use Bootstrap, a responsive web design framework.
  • It can readily handle with localization and multi-language capabilities and is very configurable and easy to implement.
  • WordPress is search engine optimized.
  • It is regarded as a secure and safe platform, with community security patches supplied on a regular basis.
  • WordPress is one of the world’s most well-supported platforms, with a wealth of online resources and tutorials.
  • WordPress offers the ability to integrate with a large number of third-party applications and thousands of third-party plugins.

Different ways to utilize WordPress

WordPress has become the development platform of choice for many web developers since it can be utilized for a wide range of website types. The following are some of the numerous sorts of WordPress websites that Kaixo Infotech has created:

WordPress is a wonderful platform for creating a’marketing’ style website that may promote your business in general. We previously used WordPress as the development platform for our own website at Kaixo Infotech.

For talented persons such as actors, musicians, and artists, personal and portfolio websites are available.

eCommerce – WordPress offers a fantastic WooCommerce plugin that allows us to quickly design and construct eCommerce websites in a fraction of the time that a custom build would take.

  • Websites devoted to current events and news
  • Membership directories and community-based websites with the goal of encouraging subscriptions.
  • Websites about blogging
  • Forums for asking and answering questions
WordPress Theme Customization

When creating a WordPress website, many web design firms employ prebuilt design templates. Every website designed by Kaixo Infotech is bespoke, ensuring that you receive a one-of-a-kind design that is suited to your specific needs.

WordPress and WooCommerce for eCommerce web design and development?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that transforms it into a full-featured eCommerce platform. It was created by the WordPress team and allows for the quick deployment of eCommerce-enabled websites. Kaixo Infotech has a lot of expertise with WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms.

Why Use Kaixo Infotech for your next WordPress web design and development project?

Why should you hire Kaixo Infotech to design and create your next WordPress website?
One of our specialties is WordPress web design and development, and we’ve been using the platform since its inception. At Kaixo Infotech, we’ve built more than 100 websites on the WordPress platform.

BBC America, MTV News, PlayStation, Sony Music, and Mercedes-Benz are just a handful of the well-known companies that use WordPress.